Tuxedo &
Suit Rentals

We offer several Tuxedo and suit styles for your groom and groomsmen. The boys can have a fitting of their own here in the boutique. We have coats, jackets, vests, and pants available for fitting so you can be sure to have a comfortable fit on the big day.

bride and groom in maroon suit
bride and groom in blue tuxedo

Tuxedo & Suit Alterations

Tuxedo and Suit rentals are the choice for many couples and wedding parties. However, if you choose to purchase your suit or tuxedo elsewhere, we can still help you with alterations. Our in-house seamstress is fantastic and has almost 30 years of experience with men’s formal wear.

Tuxedo Rental 101

1. Create Your Formal Look

Join us in-store and our specialized consultants for a private appointment to browse our look book and choose from our large, high quality, and affordable selection.

2. Get Measured For Your Tuxedo or Suit Rental

We'll get you measured and ready to go. If you live out of town, no worries! Give us a call or send an email to submit your measurements!

3. Have your Tuxedo Shipped to Our Store or to You

You can choose to have your suit shipped to us, or directly to you. If needed, we will make any last-minute alterations in-store.

4. Stop In Store

Time to own your big day - in style! After the wedding, anyone can drop your rental off no later than 5:00 pm the Monday after the event.

bride and groom in a maroon tuxedo

Suit & Tux
Rental FAQ

Q. What is the total cost of a tuxedo or suit rental?

A. Prices are determined by the styles you choose and how you accessorize! We have close to 100 suit and tuxedo styles along with even more accessories so the options are almost endless. Overall, our prices range from $20 for a simple tie rental to $205 for a full rental. All brides who purchased their wedding dress from us will receive (or be able to pass along) a 15% discount on the wedding parties suit & tux rental!

Q. When does my tux or suit ship to me/your boutique?

A. It can arrive as early as the Tuesday before your event. We will reach out to you as soon as it arrives!

Q. When do I return my rental? Can someone else return it for me?

A. We require returns no later than 5 pm on the Monday after your event. All returns are taken in store and traded in for a receipt of proof of return. Anyone can return for you as long as they are aware of the terms and conditions of the rental.

Q. What if I or my bridal party need alterations or a new size?

A. Our package prices reflect a package that includes a coat, pant, shirt, vest, neckwear, studs/cufflinks, and shipping to your door or our boutique. Alternately, you do not have to order a full package. You can choose to rent one piece alone or only a few pieces – whatever you need!

If you have any questions we did not address, feel free to reach out to us by phone 832-497-7799 or email info@evangelinebridal.com