Why You Should Have Your Wedding Dress Preserved

Ah, the big debate!

“What do I do with my wedding dress after my wedding?”

A small number of people will suggest you try and sell it, but most will encourage you to have it preserved, and I’m going to tell you why those people are (probably) right.

As the owner of Evangeline Bridal in Tomball, I can tell you first hand that we have A LOT (I mean, a lot) of brides who bring in their mothers (or grandmothers, aunts, mother in laws, etc) dresses. Now, do they actually wear the dress? Sometimes, yes! If they’re not interested in wearing it (mostly due to it being the wrong size for them or the gown is too outdated) the one thing they do request is for us to take off a certain piece of the dress they bring in to attach it to theirs.

For most people, your wedding day is an emotional day:

not just for you but for those who are closest to you, the bride. Brides love to show their love and appreciation to those who raised them by incorporating small touches of that person into their wedding. It’s such a sweet moment when a mom (or, insert special person in your life) sees the lace from her dress incorporated onto her daughter’s dress or wrapped around her daughter’s bridal bouquet. The best part is you can be super creative when taking that special person’s dress and incorporating it into your dress or wedding. You can make a garter out of mom’s lace, take a sleeve cuff to wrap around your bouquet, or take some of the beautiful beading off your grandmother’s dress and sew it onto your dress – all. the. options.

NOW. In order for you, the bride, to be able to do this for your wedding day, the special person in your life will have needed to have their dress preserved 20-50 years prior, after their wedding day.

Here is where you can think about the legacy you want to leave behind: is there someone who may want to use your dress for their wedding day? Future daughters, sons, nieces, or nephews? Heck, with how trendy wedding dresses are these days, your future daughter may want to WEAR your dress. They sure have come a long way from the puff sleeves of the 80’s (although, those are kinda coming back now).


All this to say, unless you are dead set on selling or donating your wedding dress right after you wear it, I highly encourage you to preserve your dress. If you do decide to sell or donate it in one, five, ten years – at minimum it will be in mint condition, just like it was before you wore it for your big day.

Bonus points: it’s INCREDIBLY easy to preserve your gown.

Step 1: Bring us your dress and any accessories you want in your special presentation box.
Step 2: Pay for the wedding dress preservation.
Step 3: Receive your cleaned and preserved wedding dress in the mail (or have it sent back to our store) 4-10 weeks later.

The cost for this service is $300. If you are an Evangeline Bride who purchased your gown with us, as a thank you we offer you this service for $350. To book a 30-minute drop-off appointment click here. 

That’s it! We (and Wedding Gown Preservation Company) do the rest. You do not need to clean your gown beforehand or do anything special.

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If you have any questions about this service, please reach out to us at [email protected]

Candice Gold, Owner

candice gold, bridal shop owner with bride

Hi, I'm Candice!

I’m a Native Houstonian, a mom, a firefighter wife, and the owner of Evangeline Bridal. I’m slightly obsessed with all things French, and it certainly shows in the boutique. I love the charm of downtown Tomball and the community that encompasses it, and I believe our spot on Main Street is a perfect one. When you visit us, look for the “Bonjour, Tomball” mural on the side of our building.

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