Survival Kit For Brides

Hey friends! Listen up, because I’m about to give you one of the biggest wedding day pro tips. Now, every bride wants their big day to go off without a hitch. But let’s be real – something unexpected is bound to happen. Whether it’s a coffee stain on your dress, a broken heel, or maybe just super sweaty armpits because, Texas – problems WILL arise. And that’s where your trusty wedding day survival kit comes into play! 

This little lifesaver kit is like a first aid kit, but for all your wedding day oopsies. It’s got all the essentials to patch you up and fix any wardrobe malfunctions, freshen up makeup smears, and keep you feeling tip top from vows to after party. There are usually three main components: sewing/clothes, makeup, and health stuff. You can DIY your own or grab a pre-made wedding survival kit from Evangeline Bridal. Let’s dive into what you need in each category:

Pink diamond wedding minimergency kit from Evangeline Bridal

A Stress-Free Day Is All About The Wedding Preparation

Keep your Wedding Dress and Bridal Party Attire Flawless:

We’ve all seen wedding dress disasters on TV. But with a mini sewing kit, you’ll be prepared to handle any split seams, loose buttons, or a mysterious new hole in your gown. Arm yourself with needles, thread, safety pins, scissors, and anything else that can get you out of a stitch, literally. Pro tip – have your wedding dress steamed at Evangeline Bridal and get a complementary portable steamer, to borrow of course! Bonus points if you throw in some stain remover, clear nail polish (it can stop runs in pantyhose), comfy shoes for the reception, and tide pens for stain emergencies. Same goes for the dudes – a basic sewing/clothes kit can save the groom from wardrobe malfunctions too!

Make Your Perfect Wedding Day Look Effortless

Brides, we know the emotions will be all over the place, and there are sure to be a few tears shed before and during the ceremony. A solid makeup kit is crucial for touching up smudged mascara, blotting oil slicks, or fixing a lipstick mishap. Pack backup lipstick, powder, chapstick, blotting sheets, concealer, bobby pins, hairspray, tissues, and makeup remover wipes. Share with the bridesmaids too for wedding party primping emergencies!

white Bride makeup/accessory bag sold by Evangeline Bridal

Prepare To Look Good & Feel Good on Your Wedding Day

Don’t underestimate health supplies! Between chugging 87 glasses of water to stay hydrated, slapping on extra deodorant, charging your phone, and keeping blister bandages handy – this stuff is essential! And snacks. Always have snacks. Hangry bridesmaids are not fun. Mints and gum can also come in clutch before smooching your new spouse!

A Little Wedding Day Preparation Goes a Long Way

So there you have it folks – the basics for assembling your own wedding day survival kit, or you can shop pre-made ones from Evangeline Bridal! With the right preparations, you’ll be ready to tackle any wedding day mishaps quickly and stress-free. You and your bridal party will have a flawless appearance all night with the tools to fix any oopsies in a jiffy! Don’t let a makeup meltdown or ripped gown ruin those memories. Visit Evangeline Bridal and get your minimergency kit today or check out these super cute Bride makeup/accessory bags! Then relax knowing that you can keep up the effortless bride vibe until the wee hours of the morning. Your big day will be memorable for all the RIGHT reasons!

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